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Detach a Driver

The Original Rent-a-Driver posts (certified) Private- or Executive Drivers to companies. For example, in the event of replacement in the event of illness, relief from understaffing and peak loads, or special long-term project from 120 hours per month.


Why to Detach a Driver at The Original Rent-a-Driver?

The Advantages

The Original Rent-a-Driver proposes you a certified driver after we have drawn up a clear personal profile together, and then takes everything out of your hands: recruitment, selection, training and administration. If it is not going well economically, you will not run a risk with permanent employees.

What are certified drivers?

Certified drivers have a CCV-D1 certificate. This stands for a thorough knowledge of the driving profession. Because good Executive Drivers are professionals. You can therefore set high standards. Executive Drivers must have adequate knowledge, insight and skills with regard to driving skills, service provision, road safety and regulations.


More information?

Make use of our Detachment service and request a quote online for a no-obligation appointment. You can also call for a personal conversation, we are happy to help you: 020 702 7333.

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