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Executive- & Private Driver

In addition to Student Drivers, The Original Rent-a-Driver also works with Executive drivers. The duties of a Private or Executive Driver of the Original Rent-a-Driver are very extensive. He coordinates meeting and travel times with you, delivers postal items and groceries, washes the car and does light administrative work for you. In short: a driver of The Original Rent-a-Driver is your own mobile personal assistant.

A number of our private and executive drivers are certified and have the CCV-D1 certificate. In addition, a number have also obtained the CCV-D2 certificate or have undergone security training.

What is a CCV-D1 certificate

A CCV-D1 certificate stands for thorough knowledge of the driver profession. Because good Executive Drivers are professionals. Our clients rightly set high demands. Executive Drivers must have adequate knowledge, insight and skills with regard to driving skills, service provision, road safety and regulations.

A CCV certified Executive Driver guarantees this. To obtain the CCV-D1 certificate, the driver must take a theory and practical exam. A driver who passes both exams within six months will receive the certificate.


The hourly rate of our Private- and Executive Driver is only €40,00 (excl. VAT) per hour. Do you want more information? Take a look at our online reservation system or contact us directly at 020 702 7333.

Why an Executive Driver of The Original Rent-a-Driver?

  • Always on time

  • Certified and well-trained drivers

  • He or she speaks his or her languages

  • If desired a permanent driver

  • The Original Rent-a-Driver provides customized solutions

  • Confidential and discrete

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