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Student Driver

In addition to Private Drivers / Executive Drivers, The Original Rent-a-Driver works with Student Drivers. The Original Rent-a-Driver trains Student Drivers internally. As a result, they are always full-fledged skilled drivers with the big advantage: the price.


You can book a Student Driver for only €31,75 per hour (excl. VAT). Do you want more information? Take a look at our online reservation system or contact us directly at 020 702 7333.


Why a Student Driver of The Original Rent-a-Driver?

The student will always meets the following requirements:

  • Excellent driving skills thanks to internal training

  • Service focussed

  • Full task- and job description

  • Speaks his or her languages

  • If desired, a native speaker by language choice

  • Discretion, modesty and secrecy recorded

  • Drives throughout the Netherlands, from Maastricht to Friesland, from South-Holland to Groningen

  • Als drives throughout Europe

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